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Bridal and formal dressmaking from scratch

Sew Master understands you would like to look perfect on the wedding day and special events, we are here to work with you to create a dress in your dream, we work together to build a "only for you" dress, you get involved on the colour and texture of fabric, dress style and all final touches, we will keep you posted the whole process.

The process of custom made Bridal and Formal dress takes 4 to 8 weeks to get done in general, we take urgent order as well, so not not hesitate to ask if you need it sooner.  

You could have a wedding dress from scratch as low as $680*, formal dress from scratch as low as $480* speak to us today!

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  1. Make an appointment
    Discuss with our in house designer about the dress, such as what it is for, the feeling or style that you are looking to archive. 
  2. Sketches
    After the first consultant, Sew Master will do a couple of sketches to confirm the dress style and make sure that we are in a good communication before the job started.

  3. Fabric
    Once the style decided, we will sort out the fabric for our client, based on the budget, style, colour and customer preference. Sew Master uses the local fabric most of the time, you get to choose the fabric from the fabric sample we pick from the fabric store, so you can see the actual colour and texture of it. 

  4. Measurement
    After the fabric and the style are confirmed, we will do the measurement for the first draft what we called the mock up, you will get to pay 50% of the cost at this stage. 

  5. Mock up
    At this stage you will try on the mock up and see how the dress flow, you are allowed to make changes in the style if required. 

  6. Fittings
    After the mock up we will put the dress together, there will be fittings to ensure the dress fits you perfectly. 

  7. Ready
    You are allow to have the last fitting 1- 2 weeks before the wedding day, ensure it will be a good fit if you are planning for to lose more weight before the big day. 



*Ask staff for more information.